We are providing citizens a motive and encouragement to opt for gardening and greenery, by giving them ease in finding the best nutritious diet for their plants. Hebi Naturals Multi Purpose Compost can be used in all types of plants and contains the required nutrition for plants. Our compost is 100% organic and it is suitable for all types of plants and has a shelf life of one year. It is highly concentrated and is manufactured by the abundant wet waste collected from the society itself. Hebi Naturals started with Rs Rs16,000 seed capital. We have earned more than Rs 45000 profit. It costs us Rs 3000 to produce 200 kgs of our Multi Purpose Compost. The revenue generated from that is Rs 20,000. We have shipped our compost in over seven states in India and we have served more than 250 customers till now. We are currently using social media platforms to reach out to our customers. Hebi Naturals requires a better working space to increase our production. We intend to focus on research and development to create varied categories of fertilizers which can be used for different plants. We also intend to introduce a range of liquid fertilizers. We also need a better shipping facility with nominal rates given that our product is sold in large quantities. For this, we will require a total investment of Rs 3,50,000

State : Delhi

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Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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