Dr Kala Charlu

Dr Kala Charlu

MITU Foundation

Dr Kala Charlu was 57 years old when her happy world came crashing down after her daughter died in an accident. From being a typical housewife with a part-time job as a school teacher, she became the founder of a charitable trust. Not only was she able to cope with her grief and loss  but also learnt many new skills of enterprise.Since there was no formal training in doing business, Kala depended mostly on  learning through doing. She's running  her organization, Multiple Initiatives Towards Upliftment (MITU Foundation) for the past 13 years. It focuses on menstrual hygiene management and manufacture of period products and repurposed accessories of fashion.Optimism and Grit has been her mainstay to face adversities, challenges and failures. She found that depending only on donations could be an obstacle in making a difference to the society and realized that social enterprises can provide income generation opportunities that meet the basic needs of marginalized women. She could further a social cause and bring behavior change in a financially sustainable way. The need of the hour is ecofriendly alternates to single use gel based sanitary pads. MITU Foundation is manufacturing reusable cloth sanitary pads and promoting menstrual cups in both rural and urban settings A sensitive topic like menstruation needs mature handling laced with empathy. In the field of repurposed items, there is a continuous need for innovation and new designs. Kala could achieve this with good communication skills and leadership qualities. Now Kala is mulling over the need to delegate work to younger generation  and move on to newer pastures.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Not for profit

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