Leena Borhade

Leena Borhade

LoveLee's Creative Station

From thinking about making something eco friendly with my hobby interest. I started making decorative and gift items from paper and all eco friendly items. It was initiated in Sept 2017 till date. The spark that I can do something small which can take me to new heights came from the World's longest train journey "Jagriti Yatra" which I attended in 2017. The inspiration of doing something on own self was the key point and then step by step things got improving and the startup is growing from then till today. In Maharashtra the ganpati festival is celebrated in great enthusiasm, every year at home too we bring the ganpati idol for 7 days. For those 7 days we decorate a room/corner of our house where the idol can be placed and workshiped. Every year me and my family used to make different types of decoration like garden, fountain,any temples say for example Shirdi, Balaji etc. with help of thermocol and other materials. But in 2017 thermocol was banned in Maharashtra and the ganpati festival was about to come(Sept 2017) so then I thought for taking advantage of my interest and hobby and make all kind of paper flowers for decoration. And it was a great success.Then in the same year in December month I got an opportunity to attend The Jagriti Yatra. There listening to many yatri stories an inspiration that I should also do something gave me an idea and then it gave birth to my startup which I named as "LoveLee's Creative Station".Starting from paper flowers, slowing some items like chocolate box, sketches, photo frames, flower bouquets and many more got added to the product list. Now the startup has completed a journey of successful 4.5years With LoveLee's Creative Station my identity changed from Leena to LoveLee. That is what I think is the positive achievement of my start up. Thank you

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Paper & Packaging

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