Bright India

Bright India

Bright India

We paint and promote Madhubani paintings and other forms of Indian traditional painting styles. We are a group of five members who combine various skills to design and customize paintings rooted in traditional Indian painting styles. We wish to display, curate and promote traditional art and its preservation. Our brand specializes in experimenting with Madhubani style of painting on contemporary themes.We received Rs 10,000 as total seed money and we painted 25 products for our first sale. Each product costs Rs 400 per piece. We made a profit of Rs. 2500. Now we are investing Rs12500/- to achieve Rs50,000/- profit in coming 5-6 months. Investment Requirement: Rs 3,00,000/-. We want to register our company as a legal identity and want to develop our own e-commerce website for product selling.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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