Yudecor sells a variety of environmental friendly handmade home decor products like flowerpots, scented candles in different shapes and sizes, portraits and sketches by upcycling old clothes, plastic and other waste material. This provides employement to women without any necessary educational qualification and trains them. 30% of each product's profit is used to feed the stray animals. The channels used to advertise and reach customers- Social media, social network, local markets and neighborhood.For further growth of the business, support is required in terms of capital (Rs. 70,000) and a mentor who guides the core team in marketing, branding and advertising the products. Breakup for the capital required- Rs. 20,000 each for purchasing raw material and material for decorations like equipment, white cement, fragrances for candles, flowers, etc.Rs. 20,000 for networking and advertising on social media and e-commerce platforms. 10,000 as emergency funds for the business.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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