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G7 Group of 7

G7 Technology

G7 Technology makes a smart blind stick at an affordable price for the blind and deaf. The stick detects any object and then it vibrates and creates an alarm. The team went to blind school and there they saw an opportunity in the form of the smart blind stick for blind people. The target audience is happy with the product and they said that the product is very good and affordable. The team is creating a social media presence through Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon and Flipkart to reach the blind population and help brighten their lives. The stick costs Rs 1500 and and is sold for Rs 1999. And they make a profit of Rs 499. The unit is in pieces. The team needs investment to grow the business in six months.The investment is Rs 1,00,000 from which Rs 50000 is for development and raw material.and Rs 30000 for marketing and Rs 20000 for after sales services.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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