Praveen Kumar Rajbhar

Praveen Kumar Rajbhar


Mr. Praveen Kumar Rajbhar was born in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. He was raised in a village named Vishunpura, in the district Ghazipur. He studied in a school near his village. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from a college in Uttar Pradesh only. He wanted to study further, but coming from a humble farmer family, financial conditions were not in this favor. Though as a typical parent, he was expected to join any government job for a secured life but after his graduation, he decided that he wanted to move to Delhi to work and start his career. When he moved to Delhi he faced a lot of issues, apart from being homesick and feeling out of place in a big city like Delhi, he faced a big linguistic gap between himself and the people around him, people generally spoke in English. He had joined English-speaking classes even though he had little to no money. He wished to continue with them but couldn’t because he needed a job to survive in the city. He got his first job as a surveyor, in a market research company, where, his job was to be on-field collecting data by talking to people, asking them questions. This job required them to talk to people and interact with them, something he had difficulty doing.Now think of a young man, with big dreams and a bigger will, but he is lacking behind the people who are used to living in Delhi because of his language and his accent. This bugged him but he kept going on with enthusiasm and worked on himself. He lived through one ten-rupee meal per day, traveling in scorching heat in buses that had no Air Conditioning, but he never lost his spark. How could he do it? He kept his will and stayed motivated as his end goal was clear. One of the biggest lessons he talks about is the importance of the network, throughout his career, he has built a network everywhere he went. He never saw anyone’s position in an organization before striking a conversation.After working as a surveyor; he started his career in the sales field, but fate ha

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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