Mohan Seshasai Vasa

Mohan Seshasai Vasa


I am Mohan, studying 7th standard, passionate to acquire knowledge by doing! What I feel the most is that learning can be practical to the extent possible. I attend Atal Tinkering Labs setup in my community in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. I learn by doing practical coding, 3D printing, designing Arduino based circuits etc.Around 8500 Atal Tinkering Labs(ATL) in India are available for school students to tinker. More than 30 experiments happen in a week in many of these ATL's. In-charges / mentors spend most of the time on experiment management rather than the actual innovation involved, like collecting, accounting, recording the experiment, students, teams, components etc. I thought what If we automate most of this lab management!I started developing web applications to: - create teams - assign students to teams - capture experiment data - manage experimentsAnd there is long way to go! I have to : - Build Artificial Intelligence to predict the next experiment to be undertaken by student. - Depict the availability of components for experiments in nearest available ATL - Create scoring mechanism for ATL's - Identification of skilled students etc.I currently implemented my web apps in 4 ATL schools and plan to extend them to 15 more ATLs in next 3 months.In next 1 year my product should be able to touch the experiences of 1 lakh students utilizing these ATLs so that they learn by practically doing in the most efficient way!I do train students within ATLs on how to develop mini games using Python. Here is my GitHub profile: youtube channel:

State : Andhra Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : IT and BPM

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