Ajay Kumar

Ajay Kumar

Teach For Green

I am Ajay, a social entrepreneur who is working in the field of green energy, environmental advocacy and climate change issues for the last seven years, come from a lower-middle-class family from a small village called Sudna in Jharkhand. Right from childhood, I am immensely grateful in life to have amazing people around friends, teachers, mentors and me who always supported and helped me to be a better version of myself. I was part of both the National cadet core and National social services and was awarded best by the state government on this. I was part of India’s leading fellowship working with Aga Khan Foundation and Mera Gao Power with SBI-Youth for India fellowship program and India Fellow leadership program. These two fellowships provided me with an opportunity and helped me to get a clearer picture of the surroundings and what are the real problems in society, what is the real meaning of happiness or success and also to explore my own passion. I founded the organization called Teach For Green, with the belief and passion to work towards the environment and sustainability with youth, children and the community. In the process of working and expanding this organization, I got various opportunities and accolades, a few of them including fellowships from IIM Bangalore, Wipro seeding fellowship, Parvah Change looms fellowship, Global action for poverty change makers, Ambedkar University, Delhi. Currently, I am working in Palamu District with a community Centre, government schools and local villages with communities for building creativity, innovation so a sustainable lifestyle can be built among young minds. Our focus is these underprivileged students can also have access and exposure to science and the environment so they can also be part of the initiative for a better and greener future and can be leaders, changemakers of their society.

State : Jharkhand

Gender : Male

Sector : Not for profit

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