Yogeshwar Adapa

Yogeshwar Adapa

ATR constructions

Founder and CEO of ATR constructions. At one point he took LOAN to buy a laptop TO build a company and making 4 crores of turnover in the first year itself is his entrepreneurship story. He completed his civil engineering at Malla reddy engineering college, In his final year he needed a laptop for project work but don't have money to buy so he took LOAN to buy it then after graduation he did some internship later he rejected multiple high paying jobs offers and started a company in October 2019, from than he did not look back. The First 6 months went very nicely but then corona lockdown came, he successfully tackled the situation and placed the company in profits in lockdowns also and the company made more than 4 crores turnover in the first year itself. Now the company managing multiple branches and everything going well. Thank you.

State : Telangana

Gender : Male

Sector : Construction

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