Shreya Kulkarni

Shreya Kulkarni

Tutor Timetable

Shreya is student of class 6 from Amrita Vidyalayam Thalassery. She participated in the Atal Catalyst program at Indian School of Business and developed her business idea of creating a Tutor Timetable.School timetables generated to assign class-teacher combinations to class rooms and timeslots once or multiple times per year. After creating timetables disturbances such as absence of teachers typically pose a need for schedulers to rapidly implement some minor changes to avoid empty periods in the timetable. 66.4% of teachers /administrators face difficulties in creating timetables/providing timetables to the students.Tutor timetable is a website which helps a teacher/school administrator to manage timetables with chatbot. The website features: - Assessment diaries to manage all the results of all tests, exams in one time. - Assignment diaries to note all the assignment to be submitted at what deadline time with alarm.Teachers can save time with the help of this website instead of telling the timetable schedule to all the students. Students can also save time by looking at the website instead of asking to the teacher which is also helpful for a teacher. The main focus of the website is a chatbot which helps customers get the timetable they need in a few clicks.Tutor timetable’s revenue model is a one time payment for a license fee.Link of website of online store

State : Kerala

Gender : Female

Sector : Not for profit

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Gayathri Manikutty, AIM Mentor of Change