Mr. Rohit Kumar is a B. Tech IT Graduate from GGSIPU New Delhi. He started Zedsoftpoint as an IT Services provider company in 2016. Zedosoftpoint provides E-commerce & Supply chain solutions, Cloud, AI, IoT, Cyber Security, SaaS-based solutions, Customized software, Web & App development, Hybrid cloud, Lenovo Hardware for end users.Now Zedsoftpoint is a partner company of Microsoft, AWS, SAP, Google cloud, Avnet, Lenovo, Namecheap, Hostinger, Logitech, etc. Zedsoftpoint is India's leading promoter of SMEs, MSMEs and working for their digital transformation. Based on his performance at MIT USA, he was selected for MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship 2020. He is actively supporting Indian startups and mentoring them as he is a mentor at Startup India, Kerala State startup Mission, AIM Niti Aayog, Delhi Government, Business coach at Delhi government. His aim is to boost Startup & Innovation ecosystem in India. He is an expert at various expert networks like atheneum, GLG, proSapient, Noomii,, AlphaSights, Expertron, Indywise, etc. and is helping industry leaders/startups/corporates with his valuable Insights. Zedoftpoint is providing budget-friendly e-commerce & supply chain Saas-based & Customized solutions to startups that aims for the online presence of each business. He is a member of the Punjabi chamber of commerce, Roscongress foundation Russia, CII, IACC, etc, and supporting Indian industries to grow. He was a panelist on the panel discussion, "mint budget conversations - technology policy" organized by Mint, Hindustan times. Recently helped the Government of India to achieve their aim of a 5 trillion economy and provided the road-map for the same along with fellow panelist like Rajneesh Kumar, Senior Vice-President and chief corporate affairs officer, Flipkart. Link for same:

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : IT and BPM

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