Kumar Guatam

Kumar Guatam


"Nobel Ideas with Global Thinkers Creating Entangled environment in the Presence of Bath States" ~ Dr Kumar Gautam. As a founder of QRACE (selected under the top 20 startups on Quantum computing by GOI) and EGREEN QUANTA LLP (selected as a potential startup by Government of Bihar), I have a strong education with a Doctor of Philosophy - PhD focused on Quantum gate design based on Schrödinger Dynamics from Delhi University and M.Tech form National Institute of Technology, Rourkela along with B.Tech from AMIETE, DELHI. As an independent researcher cum Entrepreneur, we work with a decentralized community through Nobel mindsets towards a common path to change the way for all societal developments. The primary target would be to generate employment in Quantum Computing for skilled and semi-skilled workers who understand or wish to understand the technology, or can be trained to use the system optimally according to the uncertain conditions. Our Mission is addressing issues concerning national priorities that include fundamental science, technology development, human and scientific infrastructural resource generation. We develop strong relationships with sponsors to enhance the ability to perform research in a global community and also to support strong infrastructure for interdisciplinary research. Recently, we are developing graphene paper battery for EV Industries in rural areas and also get direct or indirect benefits to the farmers through waste materials. This is because we are using cellulosic material for developing our products. So, our aim is to support preparing next- generation skilled manpower, boost translational research and also encourage entrepreneurship and start-up ecosystem development by creating the business model of Quantum Technologies, which is expected to be one of the major technology disruptions that will change the entire paradigm.

State : Bihar

Gender : Male

Sector : Electronic Systems

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