Bhawana Singh

Bhawana Singh

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I was born into a typical Rajput Family who had the traditional orthodox view of ‘every girl is a tension and must be ridden as soon as possible.’ My fight for my dreams and goals began just right here. These hostilities made me think that I must do something of my own. My journey started when I was numb in my career without any guidance and was taking a shot at every opportunity coming on my way. This single thing made me swap my career from VLSI Engineer to a software developer to a marketer.After hitting smaller targets, I started to realize that there are millions of people who just needed guidance like me to proceed in their careers. I combined my experience and this demand to begin my venture. And when it was about time, I started my entrepreneurial journey from Rs 2000 and today it has turned out to be a 6-figure company. I am proud of the fact that I built this whole thing by myself without borrowing a single penny from anyone.We started in 2019, and till now we have already helped 3000+ people with their Career. But my journey to become something started in 2016, when ‘I can’t do anything” was a common motto of the people surrounding me. From then onwards I struggled, failed, but there was always a dream for myself when I started. And now I have achieved my dreams and yet more to go.Once I dreamt of being in IIT & IIM, and today, I give speeches in such esteemed institutions. Besides also helping people, currently serving giants like Google. But to tell the truth, when I started, funding, societal pressure, building a proper team, etc were some of the hard battles I had to fight with.I’ve been fortunate to become 5 Women Entrepreneurs in Rajasthan, Speaker at IIT Bhilai, Top 25 Women Entrepreneurs by TIE Global and Entrepreneur Of The Year, Awarded as 1000 Women Asia AwardsFor people starting, remember there are 3 principles when starting, Build your leadership skills, love the process of being comfortable with the comfortable, and strive for cons

State : Rajasthan

Gender : Female

Sector : IT and BPM

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