Dr Pallabi Roy

Dr Pallabi Roy

DigiSwasthya Foundation

Hi, this is Dr Pallabi Roy and I'm the Co-Founder of DigiSwasthya Foundation. I've been volunteering since I was 11 years old with the belief that accessible healthcare can change the world.DigiSwasthya provides accessible and affordable healthcare services across India by leveraging technology. This is achieved at our phygital (physical + digital) telemedicine centres. Thereby, bridging the gap created by the dearth of 18 lakh qualified doctors.Through tele-consultations, we deliver quality healthcare to the remotest parts of India within 60 minutes. We have set up 5 telemedicine centres across India & we plan to cover marginalised communities which haven't received any healthcare interventions.As a Dental Surgeon, I had the opportunity to work onground and gauge how the healthcare ecosystem is and what is missing. Enabled with an MBA, I gained insight from various angles.Seeing as how 60% of Indians live in the villages and there are no service providers to cater to rural communities, I decided to quit my Digital Marketing Manager role at a Y-Combinator healthtech start-up and pursue this.My business partner, Mr Sandeep Kumar, hails from a rural district and is a childhood cancer survivor. It took him 6 months to receive a proper diagnosis and he swore that nobody from his village would have to face the same challenges as he did.We are now following our dreams. After a few months of determination & hardwork we got incubated at AIC-RMP (which is supported by Atal Innovation Mission and NITI Aayog, Government of India).With our onground team, digital devices, telemedicine software & a panel of 100+ healthcare professionals, DigiSwasthya has provided 5000+ tele-consultations in the past few months of operations.We conduct healthcare awareness & door-to-door camps, generate EMRs (records), provide pro-bono consultations & referral pathways to tier 1 hospitals, partner pharmacies, diagnostic labs - and much more!Info: https://linktr.ee/Dr.PallabiRoy

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Healthcare

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