Shivangi sharma

Shivangi sharma

Smart colour coding dustbin

When we were looking for ideas . we came across a big problem in healthcare system,'the waste distribution '. Hospitals and healthcare centers lack a proper waste distribution system. Most of the time toxic surgical waste is exposed to the people who clean this manually. It becomes a safety hazard to patients, doctors and even more to people who are cleaning this without any knowledge of how to deal with it safely. We have created a automatic waste distribution system that separates the waste between wet, recyclable and medical waste. It not only improves the life of people who deal with healthcare waste but it also can be used anywhere since it is compact. It improves the system by connecting waste management companies for collection of waste in a timely manner. It introduces new and a healthy habit in the general public and it is very cost effective. It can become the miracle solution required today for the waste management problems in the world.

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Healthcare

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