Abhijeet Prahlad and Monika

Abhijeet Prahlad and Monika


Both Abhijeet Prahlad and Monika have profound roots in art. Abhijeet is a musician and has performed on many reputed stages across the globe. He trains under flute maestro Pt Pravin Godkhindi. Monika is a fine art designer and has trained several hundreds of students. She is keen to leverage tech for art and is driving creative-tech initiatives such as building deep tech and augmented reality solutions for Indian performing arts and developing interactive content based on AVGC solutions for skilling and product promotions. Abhijeet and Monika have created a much-needed arts skilling service by marrying the reach of technology with the allure of Indian arts. Abhijeet’s last stint, Artbhandu, a discovery platform for artists, helped him identify the existing skill gap among creators and he saw the need for an interactive learning platform. As the pandemic hit, Abhijeet and Monika started offering art courses/services for free to help people reskill themselves for the changing times. While they faced hurdles with scaling up initially, they studied the market further, whittled the problem, and designed the solution, ArtEd, which was launched in 2021. With 10000+ subscribers and 600+ paying customers in 4 months, ArtEd, a NICE Enterprise, is well on its mission to democratize art skilling and develop a talent pool!

State : Karnataka

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Sector : Others

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