Shilka Agarwal

Shilka Agarwal

Fearless Whisper

Today I am a certified life coach, a motivational speaker, and a behavioural science researcher. And every day of my life ever since I know, I have been a compassionate, empathetic person who always looked out for people around her.A life with many challenges encouraged me to find my answers, and that pushed me from job to job after my MBA to finally moving to live coaching after 5+ years of corporate experience in branding & marketing communications, brand activations & business development – strategy, client support, client success, P&L management, new initiatives, supply and analytics.I stayed with life coaching & public speaking because I got to share my knowledge and empower people to design better lives for themselves, alongside building a life of compassion, integrity, and quality.Finding my authentic voice, accepting that and expressing it fearlessly was what I learned throughout my life journey and hence the foundation of Fearless Whisper. I had also worked on a start-up named Maitri. Life was based on habit development before that. I am adept in Design Thinking (certified by Stanford GSB) and currently writing a paper in behavioural science under ElegantVie consults and designs.I intend to contribute to a world of innovation, hope and happiness. And for myself, I want to be a billionaire changemaker to empower the impact that I intend to make. A part of various social initiatives, I am also a certified social entrepreneur from IIM-B and the National Commission of Women-India. I am a giver and have recently found my actual place in life, and I am exploring what else I have to offer.I am a performance artist in theatre, dancing, singing and hosting events. Apart from this, I am a passionate lifelong learner and explorer fond of new experiences & insightful conversations. I have written & published a book, am currently hosting a podcast show named Rational Misfits, and am an active blogger.

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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