Suvarna Kamakshi and Vinay Prashant

Suvarna Kamakshi and Vinay Prashant


Suvarna Kamakshi and Vinay Prashant have diametrically opposite backgrounds but share a common interest. While Suvarna has graduated in English Literature, Vinay’s education is in the much more objective and scientific Physics. However, the passion for travelling and interacting with local artisans brought them together to form Tamala.The travels introduced them to a brilliant range of art and craft and showed them how rapidly the crafts industry was dwindling. “We figured that the issue was two-fold – the gaps in market delivery and the artisans’ lack of understanding of the modern consumer lifestyles and aesthetic needs.” Their deep respect for all things handcrafted and an eternal sense of wonderment at the richness of India’s arts and crafts were the driving factors behind founding Tamaala.The average artisan earns only a tiny fraction of the final selling price if intermediaries or volume buyers are involved. Suvarna and Vinay realised that design intervention was vital to increasing the perceived value of the creations. Launching Tamaala in 2015, they spent the first year and a half visiting artisans and creating designs and failing at many! They worked with ten artisans in the first year, produced 30 SKUs, and served 100 customers. Over the six years, the #NICEEnterprise Tamaala has grown to work with about 150 artisans across 40 regions in India and produce 300 SKUs. They have about 3000 retail and ten institutional customers.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Other

Sector : Textiles & Apparel

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