Vidhya Raman

Vidhya Raman

Nool Magic

Sarees have always played a role in Vidhya Raman’s life. Vidhya has made it a point to enquire about local weaves whenever she’s travelling and to visit local weavers and observe their craftsmanship. Come 2015, Vidhya received a call from a distressed weaver from Jharkhand. He was finding it very difficult to sell in the local market. The traders who would come there often asked for bulk quantities at a price that made it difficult for him to sustain. Vidhya reached out to a few friends, explained the weaver’s situation, and sent pictures of his work. A few good samaritans picked up some sarees and helped alleviate his situation. She decided to expand this circle and make an informal organisation help the other weavers she knew in a similar case. A closed group on Facebook was made, and Vidhya asked her friends to add like-minded people. Vidhya published and spread the mission and purpose behind Nool (meaning ‘thread’ in Tamil) Magic to help people resonate with this cause. I then connected with my roster of weaver contacts and asked them to begin sending me pictures of the sarees they had in stock. Nool Magic’s model is to directly connect the weavers to the customers and ensure maximum benefit for the weaver. Vidhya retains a small margin on the sale of sarees to cover her effort, expenses like courier charges, and taxes, and the rest goes to the weaver.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Textiles & Apparel

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