Gaurav Bora

Gaurav Bora


Hi. I am Gaurav & I am the founder & CEO of SaveSoul, a startup that is trying to create safer streets for women and everyone else by building the largest peer-to-peer safety grid in the world. A grid where you can alert or help people around your location in realtime. SaveSoul is backed by Google Appscale Academy.In my entrepreneurial journey till now, I have had some success and a lot of failures. I started my entrepreneurial journey as a student entrepreneur whose dream was to own his own restaurant. I started one along with a friend when I was in my engineering. We opened a non-veg fast food joint right opposite a residential school (which was vegetarian BTW). Having seen success in that, I opened another one in the heart of the city after I graduated.I ran them for a few years but ultimately I sold them to start my second venture in 2012 and it was an online grocery store by the name Online grocery was never heard of & I still remember people telling me "you know what, we Indians will never buy online as we always want to see and feel the product". But one thing about me is that it's very difficult to demotivate me with biases and not on proven data. In this case there was no proven data that we Indians won't buy online as it was never done before. So, I continued with it but for some other limitations on my behalf, I had to shut it down a couple of years later. I then proceeded to start, a live streaming platform (before the FB/Instagram live era) and it did pretty well. We used to stream events, shows and we streamed a national swimming competition as well. But it was a cash guzzler and I realized that it wouldn't be possible to scale it without any help. I reached out to investors but I guess it was my inability to convince them and I had to shut it down. But in every success or failure, I have made mistakes, I learn & I don't commit them again. Currently, I run a media organization called & SaveSoul

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Healthcare

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