Mahima Grover

Mahima Grover

Megh Studio

Mahima Grover’s mother always had a background in art and wanted to create something in the fashion sector. Using professional fabric paint, she designed the first two dupattas. They then decided to shoot two videos, create an Instagram page, and take it from there. After their initial posts were out and we got our first set of followers, they decided to design a saree. From there, Megh Studio has now evolved into a family-run business. Mahima and her mother are the designers and painters, while Mahima’s sister handles their social media accounts. Megh’s creations are inspired by the floral patterns that Mahima and her mother research very meticulously. They use a freehand painting technique, and do not sketch the design before painting. Mahima admits that researching for her brand has introduced her to many unique species of flora she hadn’t even heard of. Megh’s success has a lot to do with how they’ve leveraged the power of social media.Megh interacts directly with the customers who order from their page online. They’ve had help from content creators and influencers in building their brand. Megh usually reaches them via social media, or talent agencies. Mahima says that she does not plan to enter the retail market for the time being since the global community - including people from the US, Australia, Singapore and more - is very strong, and they’ll focus on strengthening that.

State : Andhra Pradesh

Gender : Female

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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