Hillol Rahman

Hillol Rahman

Tree Climbing Device

A tree climbing device, as the name suggests, is a machine that helps in climbing trees with less human effort and little cost. Many people suffer injuries, and some even lose their lives climbing trees traditionally by using their hands and feet. Preventing avoidable deaths and injuries is the inspiration behind the device, according to the startup’s founder Hillol. Hillol believes his device can change the way people climb trees and do away with the huge risks involved. Coming up with a design for the device was the most exciting and challenging part of his innovative idea, says Hillol. The young innovator sees his startup becoming a million-dollar entity and expanding worldwide in the next few years. He also sees many people who climb trees to earn their livelihood adopting his device. German serial entrepreneur Saygin Yalcin deeply inspires Hillol. Going ahead, Hillol says he wants to research plastic replacement. He also wants to set up an online delivery business for selling vegetables and grocery items from the country’s largest wholesale market in Kharupetia near his home. Dogmart is another project he plans to take up in the future. In Hillol’s opinion, more children can be encouraged to become innovators through conducting workshops in schools and various face-to-face initiatives.

State : Assam

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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