Dhruv Patel, Harsh Nai

Dhruv Patel, Harsh Nai

Touch Me Not Tap

Touch Me Not Tap is a multifunctional sensor-based tap to cater to different needs. This affordable, innovative, and novel faucet can be used for several purposes, from washing hands to drinking water to a sanitiser dispenser. The tap is the perfect device to serve the community, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic in rural areas. The pandemic outbreak inspired Dhruv and Harsh to come up with this idea. But, they found all sensor-based taps were more designed for urban use and were expensive. People in rural and tribal areas like the Narmada district from where the duo hails could not afford such costly devices. "We aimed to design a touchless sensor-based tap, which was affordable and multifunctional," Dhruv says. The two youngsters consider Elon Musk one of their favourite innovators and say he has drastically transformed many industries through his innovations. Dhruv and his partner Harsh go to the science centre to explore and experiment when feeling down. They want to see their startup idea catering to the basic sanitation needs of people in villages. According to Dhruv, children interested in science should be selected and provided with all facilities, including the internet, experts' mentoring, and other support structures. The most exciting part was learning new technology and designing and prototyping the tap. With no resources or instructors, the challenging part was understanding the coding.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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