Apaar Khare

Apaar Khare

Thermoelectric Converter

The Thermoelectric Converter uses waste heat released from any source and converts it into electricity in usable form. Storage will not be an issue with the electricity. The converter is economically feasible and can be used both in households and industrial areas. Apaar was inspired by an incident at the peak of the summer season last year for his startup. While he was going home, the release of hot air from the back of his school’s central air conditioning unit scorched him. “This compelled me to think how to use this heat energy going waste effectively,” he says. Through his startup, Apaar wants to minimize environmental damage and global warming caused by heat released by industrial and domestic appliances. The most challenging part was developing an apparatus to capture the maximum possible heat that is released. The most exciting part of this project was to meet subject matter experts who have grass-root level experience. His favorite innovator is Elon Musk, whose futuristic and innovative ideas for the betterment of humanity inspire and fascinate Apaar. When feeling uninspired, Apaar plays the tabla. “This helps me concentrate and rejuvenate. Tabla has helped me find patience, concentration, and spiritual connection, which helps me innovate and push my limits,” he says.

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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