Heer Shah

Heer Shah


The business idea behind Solewear is to make footwear out of various kinds of recycled materials. The sheer amount of waste generated and the problem being compounded by companies’ lack of willingness to use more recycled materials in their operations is the inspiration behind the startup. Heer says Solewear aims to work towards greater recycling of products so the same material can be used for far longer, thus contributing to curbing the amount of waste generated. Heer says the most exciting part of her startup journey was creating designs and getting to know the processes involved in making the products. However, finding material and researching about them was the most difficult part, she says. The youngster is inspired by the founder of startup AltMat Shikha Shah. Heer says she liked the startup’s idea and also the fact that it is creating products that everyone can use. Heer sees more people using products made by Solewear in the coming years. She also believes it will play an important role in changing people’s mindset towards using products made of recycled material. When feeling low, Heer plays and thinks about the creative stuff related to her startup. The teenager also wants to work on the issue of wastage of resources, problems related to the environment, and man-animal relationships.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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