Shashank Pai Ballambhatt

Shashank Pai Ballambhatt

Solar Tracking System

The startup wants to reduce human reliance on fossil fuels for energy and help build a greener world for future generations through the innovative use of solar energy by installing solar panels that move in tandem with the sun’s movement. Shashank says his family uses a solar water heater that gives hot water quickly in the afternoon, but cold water in the evenings. After initial observation, Shashank concluded the solar panel was facing east and hence could not heat the water in the evenings. “This inspired me to build a solar panel that would move according to the direction of the sun,” he says, adding that his parents, teachers, and younger sister motivated him. The most exciting part of the startup journey was writing the code for Arduino, which he describes as “highly time-consuming, but truly wonderful.” The most challenging part was soldering in making the prototypes, which the young innovator says was too delicate for him. His favorite innovator is Elon Musk and he plans to use his philosophy of “make everything yourself” in his startup to cut costs. The Bengaluru boy wants to manufacture the product in three categories: households, farmers, and deserts where both land and sunlight are in abundance. He says that one-fourth of the Sahara desert with solar panels would produce enough electricity to supply to the whole world. When feeling down, the young innovator says he listens to music, wearing headphones. “It’s my mantra for most things and it helps me.”

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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