Sushruth Ts, Pranav Ah, Kushal Gr

Sushruth Ts, Pranav Ah, Kushal Gr

Smart Segre Unit

The startup’s idea is a portable and intelligent dry waste segregation unit that can be installed in waste collection trucks, apartments, and colonies to support waste segregation at the point of the collection itself. Growing heaps of waste in dump yards across cities inspired the three young innovators to think of a potential solution to the challenge. They also felt an enormous amount of natural resources that can be recycled are getting wasted, leading to exhaustion of resources and causing pollution. Sushruth sees their startup idea getting excellent responses from people and having a “presence everywhere” in a few years. Building a virtual prototype of the waste segregator was exciting, whereas making the working prototype was difficult because of the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Going ahead, the startup also wants to solve problems like the water and energy crisis, air pollution, and the Covid-19 situation. Sushruth says he admires all innovators and through this startup idea he and his team wants to achieve a clean India and resource conservation. When feeling uninspired, Sushruth says he tries to relax and speaks to his parents. He says he never gives up and tries to find alternate ways to work out the problems.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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