Jatin Sangwan

Jatin Sangwan

Smart Irrigation System

The startup’s idea is an IoT-based smart irrigation system, where farmers get to know the field’s moisture level on their smartphone and the motor can be turned on or off remotely based on the feed value. The condition of farmers in his village with many of them required to go to the fields for watering the crops even during scorching afternoons is what inspired Jatin’s startup idea. The Hisar boy says his startup is for farmers and the basic purpose of his idea is to help Indian farmers. Jatin says developing his idea into a prototype and then deploying it in a field was the most exciting and the most difficult part of his startup journey. The young innovator sees the smart irrigation system being adopted by farmers across the country and widely used in the next five to seven years. The youngster says he draws inspiration for his work from the sight of farmers toiling hard in their fields to produce food for everyone. Going ahead, he also wants to come up with innovative ideas that can help the Indian defense forces. When feeling uninspired, Jatin says he focuses on the positivity around him to regain his motivation.

State : Haryana

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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