Kushagra Pant

Kushagra Pant

Smart Compact Mobile controlled tractor (SCMCT)

The Smart Compact Mobile Controlled Tractor is a solution that can help farmers in hilly areas and those needing financial and physical help for farm work. The solution will use AI-based technology and will also benefit the environment. The sight of farmers working in fields along with animals without any proper technical assistance or financial support is what inspired Kushagra to come up with the idea of a mobile controlled tractor that can help farmers. The young innovator aims to transform his idea into a reality with the help of experts from the Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC). Kushagra sees his idea being developed into an actual tool in a few years helping farmers and boosting the economy. The most exciting and most difficult parts of the project were creating the AI software, working on the project in the most compact size, and using electricity instead of fuel. Implementing solar panels as per the project’s size was also extremely challenging. His favorite innovator is Nikola Tesla and he believes some of his works were far ahead of his time. Going ahead, Kushagra also wants to work to improve the healthcare infrastructure, focus on research and development to generate more ideas for society’s betterment, and work on projects that can strengthen the emergency forces. When feeling uninspired, the youngster plays games to refresh himself. He believes more children can be encouraged to become innovators by making innovation a part of studies, making them aware of recent innovations, and using innovative methods in teaching to generate interest.

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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