Pratul Gupta

Pratul Gupta

Smart Bumper

Smart Bumper is a smart solution comprising ultrasonic sensors that automatically sense an obstacle, stop the vehicle in time, and prevent road accidents. Finding a way to prevent the loss of lives and injuries in road accidents is what inspired Pratul to come up with the idea of the Smart Bumper. Pratul says he wants to see Smart Bumper becoming a part of every car and making roads safer for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Developing the mechanical aspect of the Smart Bumper was the most exciting part of the project for him, whereas figuring out a way to attach the product to the car was the most difficult part. Pratul sees his startup idea at least at the prototyping stage in the next few years, and Smart Bumper being ready to be sold to consumers. The Delhi lad’s favorite innovator is Nikola Tesla, who he says didn’t let his financial limitations come in the way of his innovations. On days when he feels uninspired, Pratul says he looks around at various problems in society and thinks about solutions to fix them. This, he says, helps him regain his inspiration. Water management, water shortage, and increased use of renewable energy sources are some of the other challenges Pratul wants to take up going ahead. Pratul says children can be encouraged to become innovators by letting them take their own approach to solving problems and giving them real-life problems to solve.

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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