Arush Singhal

Arush Singhal

Secret Eye Of The Army

The startup aims at developing a low-cost unmanned ground vehicle to assist the Army in border surveillance and also keep a watchful eye on the opponent’s territory. This idea aims at the ‘Make in India’ dream of our Prime Minister and can be used for multiple purposes as a robot to inspect facilities and voice-controlled autonomous wheelchair for the disabled. The Chinese incursion in the Galwan Valley inspired Arush to work on his idea of developing a unique vehicle to make border surveillance relatively easy and provide a competitive edge to the armed forces. Arush is inspired by Elon Musk as he leads by example, converts his ideas into reality, and sets exceptionally high standards. According to Arush, the exciting part of the project was bringing all the components together and testing the product. The tricky part was building the artificial intelligence part of the robot. Arush wants to see his idea mature into an actual unmanned robotic vehicle with new features. He also wants the Army to use his automated vehicle. Arush has plans on creating cost-effective oxygen-producing units along with making ventilators. He also wants to make a voice-controlled wheelchair to help the elderly and physically challenged people. “I have learned new things like presenting your idea with the help of a pitch video, various steps of innovation, and patenting.”

State : Haryana

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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