Kushal Radia

Kushal Radia

Refreshing Anti-Bacterial PPE Kit

This PPE kit can shield doctors and other healthcare personnel from bacteria and viruses. Being made of sweat-absorbent material, it keeps the body cool and can be worn comfortably for long hours. Many doctors and healthcare workers testing positive for Covid-19 despite wearing PPE kits inspired the idea for a different kind of PPE kit. Founder Kushal says his PPE kits will be made of material that will protect all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. Moreover, the kits are planned to be washable and thus reusable. In a few years, the young innovator sees his kits being used widely in India and being exported to several countries. He says the most exciting part of his startup journey was developing the reusable and washable part of the PPE kit. The most difficult part is making the model without any financial support. The Rajkot boy considers Elon Musk his favourite innovator. He is especially impressed by his innovation of reusing rockets which he says even “NASA or any other space agency did not think of.” Going ahead, Kushal wants to work on affordable smart robots similar to the ones used in factories, but for assisting in the kitchen. In encouraging more children to become innovators, Kushal says they must be assisted in preparing models of their projects and supported in publicizing the products. “I think this will be the start of many of them becoming innovators and entrepreneurs,” he says.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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