Krishna Bansal

Krishna Bansal


Rakshik is an innovative wearable gear that could protect doctors and other healthcare personnel from Covid-19 effectively. It was a news item about challenging circumstances in which doctors were working in Covid-19 hospitals and a senior health official’s call to think of unique solutions that inspired Krishna to come up with innovative protective gear. The youngster says the gear designed by him is unique and can help keep healthcare personnel safe and he expects support from GUSEC and Gujarat government to scale up. The Ahmedabad boy says the entire startup journey has been fascinating for him. But, moving from the ideation stage to developing a prototype during the pandemic time was especially trying. “But my school and teachers believed in me and supported me by providing me the required components to build the prototype,” he says. He sees his idea becoming a breakthrough product in a few years and his startup growing significantly in size in the next five to seven years. He considers Thomas Edison as one of the most significant and inspiring innovators and inventors in history for his path-breaking innovations and because of his perseverance. When feeling uninspired, Krishna prefers to read about various scientists, their innovations, and their impact on history. “I also think about solutions to other problems around me,” he says.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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