Jash Vanidani

Jash Vanidani

Productivity Box

Productivity Box is a device that helps users stay efficient and become more productive, thus indirectly rewarding them for their efforts. Jash’s experience while preparing for JEE of being unable to complete tasks unless he set a system to reward himself and the realization that to-do lists don’t work for most people is what inspired him to work on a device that could help him become more productive. The young innovator aims to help people become more productive with the Productivity Box and change the world for the better. For the Ahmedabad boy, the most exciting part of the startup journey was the idea and its immense possibilities and the toughest part was to develop the skill or find the people to execute the idea. The young innovator sees his idea become a reality a few years from now and has two “great” models in mind. Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Edward Jenner, and Bill Gates are Jash’s favorite innovators and he is also deeply inspired by Warren Buffett. When feeling uninspired, the young innovator loves playing games, especially story-driven games such as ‘Uncharted’ and ‘Last of us’. Going ahead, Jash would like to contribute to the renewable energy sector, work to protect endangered species, change the Indian education system and make “traveling easier for people.” To encourage more children to become innovators, the Ahmedabad boy says, “Students of class IXth and Xth should be taught about startups and entrepreneurship. Sharing of knowledgeable videos on YouTube and other social media platforms can also help.”

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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