Pranav J - Presit

Pranav J - Presit

Wearable Sanitizer Dispenser

As the name suggests, the startup’s idea is to develop a wearable sanitiser dispenser that can allow hands to be sanitised whenever required. Reports of many people getting infected by the Coronavirus as a result of touching infected surfaces and not washing or sanitizing hands and some of them also losing their lives inspired Pranav to come up with the idea of a wearable sanitizer dispenser. The young innovator sees his device proving to be extremely useful in improving hygiene levels and protecting people from contracting the Coronavirus and other viruses. Pranav says the most exciting part of the startup journey was converting his idea into a real product, while convincing people about the wearable sanitizer dispenser’s advantages was the most challenging. The young innovator has ambitious goals for himself and sees his startup among the top 500 technology and innovation startups in India in the next few years. The youngster says his favourite innovator and inspiration is his father, an inventor with more than 30 innovations to his credit. Going ahead, Pranav says he would like to work to address problems such as water scarcity and food shortage. At times when he is feeling uninspired, the youngster says he reads books and spends time watching the popular cartoon serial Doraemon. Pranav says more children can be encouraged to become innovators through better rewards and recognition through awards and by providing a creative environment to them. He says the language barrier also needs to be tackled to inspire children to innovate.

State : Tamil Nadu

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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