Aryan S Sojitra

Aryan S Sojitra

Portable Fresh Air Supplier For Corona Warriors

The startup is working on a portable fresh air supplier for Corona warriors. Corona warriors, facing the problem of suffocation while working because of wearing PPE kits or masks, was the inspiration behind this startup. Founder Aryan says he is working on a low-cost portable fresh air supplier that can be used in PPE kits, masks as well as face shields. He aims to prepare a mask having a fresh air supply or a detachable fresh air kit. Aryan says the most exciting and the most difficult part of developing his innovative idea was fixing an air pump with a sensor-operated system in a kit and designing a cash/ box in a 3D printer with precise size. The young innovator expects his idea to be transformed into an actual product in the next five years and be readily available in the market in the event of future pandemics. Aryan says in the future he wants to spend his time and energy finding an eco-friendly material that can be a substitute for plastic and help lowering pollution. Aryan considers Hetal Vaishnav, who came up with an innovative solution to recycle and reuse non-recycled plastic packaging film, as his favourite innovator. When feeling uninspired, Aryan motivates himself by thinking of his innovation and how he can take it ahead. Aryan says schools should regularly organise innovation-related workshops to spark creativity in children and encourage them to become innovators.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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