Shikhar Gupta

Shikhar Gupta

POLLINCON Pollution Informer Controller

POLLINCON is an instrument designed to give out pure air after filtering the air. But first, a POLLINCON measures the toxins in the air. The startup aims to set up mobile POLLINCONS in different neighborhoods. These mobile POLLINCONS will come at an affordable cost, with flexible design, easily adaptable features, and simple operating procedures. Severe air pollution in and around Delhi, especially after Diwali, inspired Shikhar to work out ways of purifying the air quickly and affordably. Late President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam inspires Shikhar, who he says started as a tamarind and a newspaper seller but became a successful scientist because of hard work, enthusiasm, and determination. Shikhar wants 50,000 units of his device installed on civic trucks to provide purified air to people in the future. According to Shikhar, the most exciting and challenging part of developing his idea was working out the filtering and purifying unit because it requires a good amount of research about the pollutants, purification, and filtering methods. When feeling de-motivated, Shikhar watches inspirational movies, and listens to startup success stories and motivational talks. “I talk to myself about my goals and aspirations and think on strategies to achieve them.”

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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