Aleena Khimani

Aleena Khimani


PaperBits collects used items such as glass pieces, wood pieces, paper, wedding cards, etc., and creates novel, creative and eco-friendly products from them. The inspiration behind the startup was a lack of awareness of rising environmental pollution and the tendency to discard used items as waste instead of trying to reuse or recycle them. Aleena says PaperBits is aimed at promoting the idea of recycling items and creating eco-friendly products, thereby reducing waste, lowering pollution, and creating a healthier planet. For Aleena, the most exciting part of her startup was to make novel and eco-friendly products out of used items collected from the neighborhood, while the most difficult aspect was to create products that are different from those already available. Aleena sees PaperBits having a national presence in a few years and creating a huge social and economic impact on the nation by making more and more people aware of the benefits of recycling and by encouraging them to use products made from used items. On occasions when she is feeling low, Aleena collects random waste items from her home and attempts to create something useful from them. Poverty and pollution are the other problems PaperBits wants to work to address in the future.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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