Stuti Priya

Stuti Priya

Mosquito repellant using waste marigold flowers

Using waste marigold flowers, Stuti made a mosquito repellent and larvicide, an insecticide used to kill mosquito larvae, in this project. Her product does not contain harmful chemicals and her goal is to turn waste marigold flowers into a valuable product. Her inspiration came from rising cases of diseases related to mosquito bites. Also, the massive rise in the number of mosquitoes in urban and rural areas and their breeding places has resulted in a corresponding increase in deadly and dangerous diseases. “I wanted to prepare a mosquito repellent to safeguard ourselves from fatal mosquito-related diseases.” Stuti wants to fulfill her twin objectives through this startup - collecting and reusing waste flowers and making cost-effective mosquito repellent from these flowers. To Stuti, all the people providing solutions to different problems are her favorites. Whenever she feels uninspired, she tries to spend some time with family and friends by playing games, talking, enjoying nature, or dancing and singing. “Doing these things cleans my mind and makes me feel inspired again.”According to her, the most exciting and challenging part of her innovation was experimentation. “I was terrified to work with mosquito larvae, but as the experimentation went on, I got excited observing how my product reacts to the larvae and seeing the results towards the end.”

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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