Darsh Shaan Dudhia

Darsh Shaan Dudhia

Mask Detection System

The Mask Detection System is an AI-based web application software for detecting those who avoid using masks. It is compatible with a wide variety of cameras for video capture, and it uses Machine Learning for model training. Face masks have been a potent shield against the Coronavirus, but many people still do not wear masks in public places or workplaces. The mask detection system was inspired by the need to enforce masks and identify those who are not using masks. Founder Darsh sees the efficient mask detection solution as achieving digital transformation in law enforcement and public health and safety during this pandemic. The young innovator believes Machine Learning and AI integration will help tech startups compete with larger, established companies in the future and aims to be a part of that AI/ML revolution. He wants his startup to be equipped with the critical business skills required to transform itself into a successful business. In near future, unemployment, healthcare, education, and economic inequality are some of the other challenges the young innovator wants to address. The Ahmedabad boy says Elon Musk is his favourite innovator. He is excited by the various techniques that use ML and automated model training to identify faces with higher accuracy and ease. When feeling uninspired, Darsh says he plays music, watches interesting videos on YouTube, and spends time building something to refocus his energy. He believes the answer to encouraging more children to become innovators is playing + curiosity + passion + fearlessness + purpose.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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