Pranjal Patel

Pranjal Patel

Manually Operated Cleaning Machine

The startup’s idea is to develop a manually operated cleaning machine that can help clean a large area in less time and with much lower energy. The Rajkot girl says the idea for the manually operated cleaning machine was inspired by her guide, who continuously motivated her to think of new ideas and innovate. The young innovator sees more and more people using the manually operated cleaning machine and benefiting from it. Still, she isn’t sure where her startup would be in the next few years. Pranjal says her guide is also her favorite innovator. At times when she is feeling uninspired, the young innovator speaks with her guide, who inspires and motivates her, and helps her regain her drive. For the young girl, the most exciting and also difficult part of her startup journey was shooting a video of the cleaning machine in action and working on a PowerPoint presentation about the same. Pranjal says she would like to focus on her current innovation and hasn’t yet given a thought to working on other problems. More children can be encouraged to become innovators by constant motivation and exposure to the world of innovation, says Pranjal adding“As GUSEC & their whole team have given to us.”

State : Rajasthan

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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