Pragun Pudukoli

Pragun Pudukoli

Mainstreaming Of Hearing Impaired

The startup’s idea is to use AI to make various mediums of communication and entertainment more accessible to the hearing impaired and bring them to the mainstream. India is home to nearly 18 million people who cannot hear properly, yet few efforts have been made to bring them to the mainstream, rues Pragun. The startup was inspired to help the hearing impaired partake in audio-visual entertainment and make education more accessible to them and help them become a part of the mainstream, says Pragun. The 16-year-old founder sees his startup collaborating with entertainment channels for its innovative offering. The most exciting part of developing his idea for the young innovator will be when he can learn and teach the AI model to convert audio into sign language and see it working. The most difficult part, he anticipates, would be collecting the huge amounts of data required to train the AI model. Pragun’s favourite innovator is Elon Musk, who, he says, constantly comes up with new ideas to solve problems. Education inequality and mental health issues are some of the other problems Pragun sees his startup working to solve in the future. He also wants to help the world move away from fossil fuels and shift to green energy. When feeling uninspired, Pragun says he watches movies and funny videos or reads interesting books. The teenager says making children aware of the inspiring stories of ideas that worked and those that did not can encourage children to become innovators.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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