Dhairya Bhatt

Dhairya Bhatt


I-QR is an app that gives students, parents, and teachers instant access to an individual student’s performance and also highlights a child’s achievements in extra-curricular activities. The idea behind the startup was the result of Dhairya and his friends’ frustration at the difficulty in accessing their results in the school’s IT system during the lockdown and being challenged by their maths teacher to think of better ways to show students’ all-round abilities. Dhairya says his app is being used at his school for six months and he has received positive feedback from students, parents, and teachers alike. The innovator sees his app being used in schools across the country in the coming years and becoming the normal mode of communication with students. His favourite innovator is Leonardo da Vinci “simply because of his extraordinarily wide range of ideas.” For Dhairya, the most exciting part of his startup journey was seeing his app being used in real life. The most difficult part was getting help to transform his app into a tidier, more marketable package. Dhairya wants to expand his work and one of his ideas is to find solutions to absorb carbon from the atmosphere so as to achieve global temperature reduction targets. He also wants to be involved in reinventing the school education system and make it more relevant. When feeling uninspired, Dhairya watches YouTube channels such as B1M and Veritasium. The youngster says innovation and critical thinking should be included in the school syllabus to inspire children to become innovators.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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