Prince Yadav

Prince Yadav

Human Holographism

The hologram technology works on the principle of laser emission phenomenon, including tangible interactions with aerial and volumetric graphics and produces a 3D holographic image of the region in its affinity. Prince recalls an operation on his left limb and post-surgical removal of a protruding bone. “I had to do an X-ray of the part and if you had an operation, you can relate to it,” he says adding, “I saw patients who could not stand, but they had to get X-rays done. I could relate to this and started working to find a solution for the same.” The young innovator wants his idea to help improve the health infrastructure in rural areas and provide affordable and accessible technology. “That is my goal,” he says. “This will also encourage other teenagers to think their thoughts can lead to a positive change in people’s lives.” Prince, deeply inspired by Nikola Tesla, says the most exciting part of his startup was how the technology could explore the human body with more visualization. The tricky part was developing a technology that could convert X-rays into the organ’s image. When feeling uninspired, Prince goes to the garden and sees how tiny creatures like ants help each other carry food and work tirelessly on a dedicated path. “These little things make the mind fresh and lead me to focus better on new ideas for my startup,” he says.

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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