Aabhas Senapati, Chetan Naik, Sivan K

Aabhas Senapati, Chetan Naik, Sivan K

Green Joy

Green Joy is a unique urban gardening solution aimed at tackling mental health issues by helping people connect better with nature in a gamified way. The idea for the solution was inspired by the pandemic times, when Aabhas, Chetan, and Sivan saw everyone being socially isolated and disconnected from nature, leading to burnout and mental health issues. Aabhas believes Green Joy will have healing effects and help tackle burnouts by making people socially and emotionally connected to nature, and making them aware of their environment. The most exciting part Aabhas says, was including Augmented Reality and stuff integrated with a solution so that taking care of plants is gamified, like getting points and seeing plants smile on being watered on time. The most challenging part was building a sustainable and low-powered solution, one that helps connect with the real world and nature and does not end up making users more digitally engrossed. Former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is one of their favourite innovators and source of inspiration. Some of the problems, the trio wants to work towards are Alzheimer’s, Mental Health, Climate Change, Data-Bias in Clinical Research, Emergency Safety & Accessibility of Healthcare. On encouraging children to become innovators, they say it can be achieved by making children explore beyond academics and brainstorming about problems focusing on the ‘Why’ rather than the ‘What’ and ‘How’.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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