Gas geyser/stove

The startup aims to provide an efficient and easy-to-use gas geyser/stove in the kitchen so that hot water is available whenever needed. Hundreds of thousands of kitchens across India do not have this facility, and women have to face a lot of trouble and inconvenience to source hot water. Ayan was inspired to work out a simple and easy-to-use gas geyser/stove after seeing his mother use cold water for washing clothes and cleaning utensils in the harsh winter season of north India. “I want to see and ensure that all mothers get hot water easily for these daily chores so they don’t have to suffer during winters,” Ayan says. In the next few years, the young innovator wants to see his startup idea becoming a reality in most of the world’s kitchens. According to Ayan, developing a suitable heat exchanger was the most challenging part of developing his idea. He says his father is his favourite innovator “because he works out a good solution for problems we face in daily life.” Going ahead, Ayan is hopeful and optimistic about building oxygen concentrators using parts of a window AC. Whenever he feels uninspired, the youngster says he talks to his family.

State : Haryana

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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