Khyat Vishal Narola

Khyat Vishal Narola

Footpath From Plastic Waste

The startup’s idea is to use plastic waste to construct footpaths, which will make the footpaths colorful and help reduce plastic waste. The 9-year-old says his father explaining to him how plastic being a non-degradable item harms the environment is something that inspired him to look for ways to reuse plastic waste and thus help the earth. Khyat says his idea can help authorities reduce the cost of building footpaths, besides reducing the quantity of waste generated, which can help in reducing pollution. The youngster says his target is to be at the top of the industry in five years. “I am only 9-year-old and I was not sure where to start. That was the most difficult part of the startup journey,” the innovator says, adding that he became passionate to complete the project once he started it. That says he is working on a project with his parents to help students get textbooks and study material for free. The youngster says he follows Ritesh Agrawal, who built his company Oyo from scratch. When feeling uninspired, the Surat boy says he talks to his parents to figure out what is holding him back. “I also try to look for the answers on the internet or platforms like YouTube,” he says. Khyat believes monthly sessions in schools where students can be explained what innovations mean and interactions with real innovators can encourage more children to become innovators.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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