Abhay Kumar Das

Abhay Kumar Das


Food-Mate is an idea that aims to prevent food wastage by enabling users to donate surplus food. It also facilitates the use of spoilt food for making organic fertilizer. The plight of poor people, who were struggling for two meals during the lockdown, and seeing his mother throw away stale chapattis and bread, is what inspired Abhay’s idea of Food-Mate. The innovator believes the application, through which users can donate surplus food, can help achieve his goal of ‘zero food wastage.’ The collected fresh food can feed the hungry and the waste food can be converted into organic fertilizer. “There is a huge demand for organic fertilizer due to the growing popularity of organically grown foods,” says Abhay. For the Jamshedpur boy, the eye-opening facts he learned while researching for Food-Mate were the most exciting part of his journey. The most difficult part was coding the app’s algorithm without expert support while he was in class XIIth. Abhay sees his idea being implemented on a national level in a few years and collaborations with NGOs, orphanages, and old age homes to supply the collected food and farmers’ organizations to convert waste food into fertilizer. Abhay’s favourite innovator is Elon Musk and he believes he and the billionaire share many character traits. When feeling uninspired, he keeps himself busy with his studies and learning more about the world’s problems.

State : Madhya Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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