Shaili Kirit Kumar Rupala

Shaili Kirit Kumar Rupala

Electric Tricycle

Shaili and her innovator friend have converted a tricycle into an electric tricycle. Specially-abled people can use this tricycle without resorting to the physical pedaling of the tricycle. This e-tricycle is very cost-effective, environment- friendly, and is likely to prove a boon to all those disabled persons who presently use the conventional tricycle where they have to exert physical pressure to pedal. Also, the e-tricycle is not expensive and requires very low maintenance. It fundamentally works on an electric battery which results neither in any air pollution nor noise pollution. This e-tricycle is going to make rides easy for all disabled people irrespective of age. Shaili’s source of inspiration is her grandfather. “He is always busy working on innovative things and he has also invented many scientific and mathematical models,” Shaili says. Whenever feeling down or uninspired, Shaili prefers to talk to her elders and take guidance from them to boost her morale. She says one of the most difficult parts was finding an electric motor. “Later, I used a car wiper motor and I was excited about how it will work,” she recalls. She feels proper guidance and encouragement will lead more children to become innovators.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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